Our goal is to not just build a house, but to transform and illuminate your living space and create a lifestyle.


West Shore Construction provides the most comprehensive and efficient construction management service in Southern California by providing a highly organized system that minimizes time required by clients. We can ensure our projects run smoothly and effectively by offering the following features:


Tailor Made Contracts

Scope of work & bid analysis

Our tailor made, attorney drafted agreements ensures that our subcontractors perform to our level of standards. We provide our clients all subcontractor proposals with our bid analysis detailing each subcontractor’s scope of work and price breakdown.

Critical Path Scheduling

charts the daily construction progress

We offer critical path scheduling which effectively charts the progress of construction on a daily basis, allowing constant management updates throughout all phases of construction. Critical path scheduling helps our Project Managers and clients identify and secure materials that require long lead times, helping meet schedule requirements.


On Site Management

Track progress online

We recognize that out client's time is extremely valuable, which is why we provide on site management updates. An online blog allows our clients to track progress without having to visit their jobsite.

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Construction & Cost Control

bimonthly billing statements

We offer our clients a bimonthly billing statement outlining the current budget, cost to complete the project, and the percentage complete on the project.

List of current contracts and line item budgets associated with each item and a detailed analysis of pricing per trade.

Value engineering suggestions which incorporate a selection of cost effective materials and construction methodology.